Save Time

Do something once and Ascend shares the data with all of the appropriate partiesĀ in real time. Ascend also takes multiple pieces of info, input from multiples users, and consolidates them into quickly accessible and convenient views. What’s a good example? Through Ascend’s end-of-year promotion process, your students can be “promoted” to the next grade level and Ascend will recognize and maintain the class and subject organization so that with a few clicks you’re school is ready for the next year.


Daily Tasks

Administrators are responsible for a lot of moving parts and are often required to provide accurate reporting on a variety of subjects. Ascend’s Administrator portal is integrated with each of a school’s teacher portals in order to reduce the workload of all by eliminating redundancy and making routine tasks as simple and time efficient as possible.

Make changes across the board:

  • View class and modify attendance
  • Export student data by custom fields
  • Generate reports


Attendance Report


Administrators can access a variety of views that provide valuable information. This information can be related to school demographics, performance trends, faculty information and much more.

Easily find what you’re looking for with everything available in just a single web browser. You can pass along info to teachers, students, parents and the principal through Ascend, update information that transfers immediately throughout the Ascend’s live system, or simply export what you needĀ to the file type of your choice.

Go Paperless:

  • Report cards
  • School vitality report
  • Infractions
  • Demographics
  • ACR time sheet


School Calendar



Making life easy

Administrators can view classes from the teacher’s perspective and take corrective action on their behalf. In addition to having access to pull reports, administrators can make changes to the configuration of Ascend and make adjustments on their school’s behalf.

Real time info and updates:

  • System wide adjustment (such as report card categories)
  • Bulk email communications (internal & external)
  • School Website


Class List