How it Works

Getting Started


Sign-up in minutes!

We hope that you will find Ascend’s many features to be an exciting addition to your school’s toolbox. We are happy to be able to help schools flourish and also save money in the process.

In addition to welcoming you to our growing community, we would like to share some information on how the process will go and give you a heads upon what to expect!


“From the moment you sign up you will have a dedicated Ascend expert ready to respond to any questions you may have and help your school maximize the benefits of AscendSMS”


Process Overview



The set-up process entails everything that takes place from signing up online to having your school completely operational. Signing up is easy and only requires you to answer a few basic questions about your school. From there, an Ascend representative will import your data to populate your school and guide you through any design questions in order to help your school get the most of our software.

Pulse Check

An AscendSMS expert will make themselves available to you in order to help you through the decision making process. This representative will serve as your personal point of contact, or “coach”, in addition to the help resources and contacts available through our system. When your school is complete, we will review the details to ensure that everything is set for the upcoming year.

Roll out

We understand that adopting a new system and on-boarding your faculty can be daunting. We have a lot of experience training teachers and coordinating new software releases to schools. We are confident that with the resources and support we provide, bringing your teachers up to speed will be a seamless transition.


We place a heavy emphasis on quality support and attention to detail. From the moment your school signs up, our support representatives will give your school the same attention and importance that any other school within the Ascend community would expect to receive. Our support is available through a multitude of avenues and is always delivered in a timely manner with a personal touch.




Having worked with schools all across the country, we’ve come up with a process that enables us to help you do the leg work while allowing you retain control over all of the important decision making!




A:    Get Situated

Sign up online by answering a few basic questions about your school. You will then receive an email with the next steps and some helpful resources to get you on your way. Signing up with Ascend is simple and takes only minutes.

B:    Do Your Homework

Your school’s account is automatically created with default settings upon sign up but we need to get your school’s information in there to populate it with teachers and students. Follow our instructions and we will be able to import all of your data in one fell swoop.

C:    We Import Your Information

We’ll handle this part and make sure that everything is in the right place. You will be in touch with a representative from Ascend who will be there to answer any questions you have and make sure your experience is smooth sailing.

D:    Connect The Dots

Here is where you get to make most of the decisions about any of the special nuances of your school. Your school will be completed but we will assist you with any further requests and also help you optimize your experience with Ascend to ensure your school is getting the most out of our software.


Refreshingly Easy

We will help ensure your school is a success. Contact us to receive more information and we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our software, process or revolutionary path to free model.