Our Company

AscendSMS is the flagship, cloud-based, software service of Ascend Software, LLC.  This private company originally started as a corporate community “give back” initiative at Contingent Network Services, LLC., a company with a track-record of success as one of America’s fastest growing private companies for eight straight years when it was acquired by Comcast Business in August 2015.

The spirit of providing schools remains at the core of Ascend Software as it emerges as an independent, private social enterprise.  The team is focused on continuing to evolve AscendSMS and is tasked with delivering optional, premium solutions that complement and work seamlessly with AscendSMS to increase value to our “member” schools. With committed financial support behind us, the future has never looked more exciting!

The founders of Ascend Software, LLC have direct leadership experience with private schools and have children enrolled in private schools themselves. They have seen first-hand the discrepancy between the rapid advances in technology, which have shaped entire industries for the better, and the apparent lack thereof within the educational community. Education Software companies are charging ever-increasing fees while providing minimal innovation. Private schools are struggling to keep enrollment rates up and tuition costs down, all the while paying ever increasing costs for basic school management capabilities.  This is why we created Ascend Software and AscendSMS.