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“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”
― Bill Drayton, Leading Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World

The education software industry is inundated with over engineered and expensive systems that are complicated to use and difficult to maintain. AscendSMS offers an alternative. AscendSMS is a chance to get the most out of a full school management software experience without feeling like you need to pay exorbitant prices to receive the modules you really need or a higher tier of support.




Enhanced productivity equates to enhanced educational opportunities. In the same fashion that Principals view snapshot information in the adjacent dashboard, all levels of a school organization are provided with similarly useful and intuitive information.

Identify Trends:

With automated reports and streamlined information, AscendSMS makes it easy to stay aware of what is happening with students, classes and schools. Relevant information, from ground level insights to broad view trends, resides conveniently only a click away. Depending on the type and confidentiality of information, authorization can be denied or granted to selected personnel or privileged parties. Home page and initial dashboards display convenient and routine data but more specific and targeted information is available.




More Effective Communication:

While more information is available to teachers and parents, AscendSMS enables educators to have more control over the information that parents receive. With automatic and more accurate information, parents and teachers are on the same page and consequently the same team when in comes to a student’s education.

Convenience and Efficiency:

With the daily emails, which provide parents with a snapshot of their student’s performance, Teachers are provided with a number of resources to ensure accuracy of information and head off problems before they snowball.

With a number of notification tools that can be customized, automated and can carry comments, important messages can be associated with class grades, homework assignments, attendance, conduct, and similar reports. With this information and other relevant assests, Parents are happy with the transparency and Teachers no longer have to worry about upset or disconnected Parents.




Easy and Useful Data Aggregation:

Our dynamic fields allow you to create custom categories and easily generate the reports necessary for your school. If there is a particular statistic or range of fields you would like to view, we can enable or customize a number of features to suit your needs.

In addition to uploading data, any information contained in the software can be exported to a number of file formats and can be configured to export graphs, tables and other formats convenient for review.


Restructure data & export:

Records can be organized and reviewed in multiple ways. In addition to real-time information, users can view historical data that is pertinent to their credentials:

  • Parents – their student
  • Teachers – their classes and students
  • Principals – their school, classes and students
  • Superintendents – all data available if enabled

Data Export




Support Resources:

We are extremely proud of our support staff who place a heavy emphasis on quality support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we will work tirelessly to resolve any issues you may encounter or to help you make Ascend work better for your needs.


You get to participate:

The feedback we receive is instrumental in the development of new features and enhancing existing tools. If you are inclined to make suggestions, or participate in one of our user feedback panels, we will not only welcome your input but take serious consideration of how the direction of Ascend’s evolution can better accommodate your school’s needs and further serve the larger Ascend community.





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Teachers can easily access information regarding their classes and make updates on the go. Parents can see detailed information about their student’s performance and stay in the loop with events at school. Both have all the information they could want right at their fingertips in a mobile friendly and convenient app that goes where they go.

  • Fast access to live information
  • Receive updates
  • Connected

Mobile App



AscendSMS features a number of modules that users can elect to use but which are not necessary for the standard school management system to work.


Lunch Portal


Seamlessly Integrated with Attendance:

Fluid communication between classes and the lunchroom staff. When teachers make note of attendance and lunch counts for their homerooms and click save, the front office staff automatically is updated with the pertinent attendance information and the lunchroom staff receives accurate lunch count information.

Attendance and lunch counts can be adjusted to conform to the preferred way that your school operates. In addition to convenient reporting tools, both the lunch and attendance module have streamlined features that make these daily tasks easy to perform and consistently accurate.

  • Variety of options to fit your school’s preferences
  • Streamlined with attendance process
  • Ensures accuracy






Health Tracker


Keep everyone on the same page:

Nurses can communicate with parents and review historical data of student visits. Teachers receive information about their students, such as allergies or other health conditions, and are reminded by color coded icons and alerts.

The color coded icons are presented on a number of important student dashboards and provide teachers with a quick snapshot of potential health concerns. Serving as a daily reminder, these alerts contain more detailed information that knowing could be quite helpful should there be an unexpected emergency situation.


  • Medical alerts
  • Notifications – adjustable to your preferences
  • Centralized source of information



Student Dashboard





  • Cloud-based
  • Intuitive Design
  • Path to Free License



  • Guided set up process
  • Made to fit your school
  • Excellent Support Team