Support Resources


We can achieve much more together than apart

Our commitment is to always provide a free path for a school to enjoy a world class product for managing their everyday processes.   This includes access to a large library of self service support resources, an active community of Ascend experts, and a base level of access to our support staff.

In return we ask that each school aim to provide value back to the Ascend community in their own way. Perhaps you can introduce AscendSMS to a school that is unaware of the solution or maybe you can help peer schools get started, troubleshoot or optimize the use of the solution. These efforts make all of us stronger and amplify our goal of Elevating Education for everyone.

While we encourage you to talk to Ascend schools (or track our reviews) about for our complimentary standard support approach, we know that many schools are more comfortable paying for a standardized support package. As a result, we’ve created the option for a full support package at a reasonable annual cost beginning in August of 2016. This covers our cost of adding more support resources and provides you extra peace of mind.

Electing this premium option, doesn’t have to cost you more money.  In the spirit of our company philosophy, we are busy developing ways to help a school reduce premium support package fees to zero through a formalized program of providing value back to the Ascend community.  Stay tuned for exciting advances on how the Ascend community can interact together!

Our goal as always: A better software experience at no cost to schools.