Less Busy Work

Ascend offers a useful dashboards that enable teachers to see the information they need and knock out multiples tasks with ease. For example, you can easily see students who are missing assignments and quickly send out reminders with Ascend’s daily email. This annotates the assignment in your gradebook, reminds the student and also informs the parents why a certain grade appears as it does with only a few clicks in a few seconds.


Daily Tasks

Easily take attendance and lunch counts in the morning through Ascend’s homeroom dashboard. Each teacher can switch views to look at the different classes they teach and drill down into particular details or keep and eye on broader trends.

Ascend equips teachers with numerous resources that make adding homework, grading assignments, tracking performance and communicating to parents extremely efficient.

Everything you need in one place:

  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Grades
  • Bulk email
  • Student Data


Assign Homework



Nearly everywhere you look in Ascend, there are opportunities to quickly and conveniently communicate with others. Comments and notes are automatically shared with other individuals in the system depending upon the context. When posting a grade you can easily attach a comment that explains the circumstance and will be read by the parents who see the recent grades in their daily email. The streamlined communication features apply from everything to instantly sharing attendance information with the office and student performance information with other teachers to providing automated alerts and notifications for things such as missing assignments or medical conditions.

Custom eclassroom:

  • Upload files
  • Post announcements
  • Create bio


Medical Alerts

Class Performance