Role Specific Portals


Forming Complimentary Relationships

Your school’s account with Ascend is a unified platform that enables multiple “views”.  Logging in through different portals allows each user to access tools specific to their work and see the information that is the most relevant to their needs.  These role specific portals facilitate an efficient network of information and a smooth workflow.

The three main login portals are shown below, but others exist that can be utilized by cafe admins, intervention specialists, and other similar portals that cater to specialized roles within a school.




Centralized source of information

The Admin Portal provides a number of reporting and book keeping functions that serve to equip administrators with the tools they need to keep tabs on school operations and extract valuable reporting information.

  • Convenient dashboards
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Custom reports




Record keeping and communication tools

The customized teacher portal contains a number of straightforward tools that save time and increase the efficiency of school resources. We hear all the time from teachers how Ascend drastically improves the productivity of parent teacher conferences and heads off problems from disconnected parents. With daily controlled updates, there are no surprises and everyone can stay on the same page

  • Manage Grades
  • Track Attendance and Performance
  • Communicate with ease




Real time information 

The parent portal in AscendSMS helps parents stay proactive. They have access to tons of personalized information and receive updates from teachers on a regular basis without having to schedule appointments or go out of their way to alter their routines.

  • Receive regular updates
  • Set update frequency to match your preference
  • Stay in the loop without extra effort