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Ascend is redefining the education software market

Why not see what we could do for your school? We will work with your school to adapt in whatever ways we can to help our platform conform to your specific needs. Whether it is a mass roll-out to your entire district or a small pilot operation at one school, we can accommodate your needs and invite you to see how other’s experiences with AscendSMS have turned out.




“look how easy it is to put these grades up, look what it does for you when it comes to report cards, look how the communication between teachers improves… it really has simplified things dramatically for us”

∼ Sr. Delouise



Teachers & Administrators

“I personally believe we have finally found the one grading and reporting software that works the way teachers want it to work.”

“My wife (a teacher) says she really likes the program.
It gives the parents instant feedback on areas that may need additional help and how our child is performing relative to the rest of the class. It is a great program.”

“I find the ability to write messages to students with each completed assignment, can have a very positive effect.”

“It is very nice to only have to open one web browser and do all my work from there.”

“I like that how everything is all in one. Grades, comments, attendance, lunch count, discipline, etc…”

AscendSMS Parent Survey, 2013

“89.1% of AscendSMS parents felt better equipped to help their child succeed at school”

“This innovation, hands down, has been one of the best tools you have provided to parents. The daily updates by email are awesome!”

“This tool has been extremely helpful in allowing me to stay on top of my child’s progress and to not be “surprised” when grades are brought home. I’m also able to get on top of potential pitfalls much faster. Thank you for implementing this tool!!”

“AscendSMS has made a huge difference for our son.”

“81.8% said Ascend improved the quality of education at their school”






“The savings on school management system costs have been used to update [our school’s] wireless capability as the school prepares to enable online testing.”





Ease of Use

“Even those like me with
less technology experience found it
easy to come up the learning curve.”

queen of peace



If our school management system seems like a good fit for your school, please contact us at your convenience to discuss how to create your school or have us answer any of your questions.

We thank you for your time and hope that we can help your school, or any school you know, in the near future.