What is AscendSMS?


Better Solution. Higher Purpose.

School Management Software

AscendSMS is a modern, hosted platform for managing attendance, grades, conduct, health, lunch, parent communication and more for private, elementary schools.

AscendSMS is great for schools who are looking for a streamlined alternative to the conventional over-engineered, high priced software packages.

Leveraging a highly scalable and secure “software as a service” model, AscendSMS is focused on changing the current school software landscape by combining a responsive platform with high quality of service.

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Simple and Sleek

Many school management software providers have been carried away with the idea of “the next big thing”. What this often translates to is a stagnating core product and increased costs for features schools don’t need. Ascend is changing this by offering a solid core set of features that operate reliably and offer users a refreshingly intuitive experience.



Many schools use AscendSMS as their master source of school data for student family contact information, demographics, operational and financial summaries, government program eligibility, staff profiles, etc.. With out of the box and dynamic reporting, custom fields and export capabilities, AscendSMS can be the central tool to provide the data necessary to fulfill many if not all informational requests.



In addition to dashboards that provide a real time view of important metrics for principals, teachers, and parents, AscendSMS comes with a wide set of standard reports. These reports provide metrics on attendance, student performance, lunch, ACR, school vitality/demographics, and more. In addition, AscendSMS provides a dynamic report generator that allows you to query on any combination of fields and a data export function that lets any and all system data be exported to a.csv file for Microsoft Excel at any time for those provided the proper permissions.




Each classroom teacher can take attendance for an assigned homeroom and automatically submit the information to a centralized administration console where absent and tardy students can be validated and updated in real time by school administration. Several different models of automated lunch ordering processes are also supported.




Each teacher can post detailed homework assignments and due dates, items to take home or bring to school, and messages for their specific classes. Students and parents see a consolidated online view of homework in one central place online for all classes.



Teachers can post assignments and assignment level notes, assign effort grades, track student performance across all classes, and easily print report cards. Assignment weights and categorization, as well as grade point average and honors are easily configured to enable automated real-time calculation. Parents and students can view up to the minute assignment scores, teacher messages, grades, grade point average and honors status, and track performance trend over time within the context of aggregate class performance data.

Secure and Accessible

The best of both worlds. Ascend’s role specific user portals offer unprecedented access to the information you need while safeguarding data from outside parties. Portals are integrated in such a way that redundant work is eliminated and all users have access to a consolidated and real time information system.



The role specific school portal views provide and interactive, bird’s eye view of key operational tasks in an intuitive, simple to use format. Important processes such as attendance, conduct, lunch, and health can be managed centrally in real-time collaboration with others in the school community. A Teacher’s view is tailored to present only relevant information for assigned classes and students. A view of assigned student performance across all subjects and teachers is available so that any assigned teacher can quickly see if emerging performance problems are isolated or signs of a broader problem.


Through a web browser or smartphone app (Android/IOS) parents and students can view up to the minute assignment sores, teacher messages, grades, grade point average and honors status, and track performance trend over time within the context of aggregate class performance data. A summary email of overall grades, grade point average, honors, benchmarks, assignment scores, teacher notes, conduct, nurse activity, and homework tasks is emailed to each parent on a daily basis.

Optional Modules

While some schools just want the basics, why not take advantage of a few extra capabilities when there are absolutely no costs associated? Ascend’s platform will operate perfectly with or without these features enabled but many schools enjoy the availability of these extra perks. Use them all, the ones you need or none – the choice is yours!



A student registration module is available to streamline the process of enrolling and setting up a student. Instead of filling out paper forms, parents, at their convenience are guided online through an electronic registration process that is tailored to your data collection requirements. This captured information is queued up to automatically create student and parent records in AscendSMS when you accept the students into your school thus eliminating data input time and errors.

Online Registration



AscendPAY is an integrated module to automate payment of all different types of events, activities, fees, fundraisers, and more for your school community. In addition to making these transactions easier for school families to track and pay, this module provides schools more control of distributing payments to families and better visibility on payment status. Complete integration within AscendSMS means there is no need to manage data in multiple places for student data for payment, grades, attendance, conduct, and health.



Each teacher is provided a personal web site to use for communication of text, pictures, and web site links. The teacher page also includes the ability to set up file folders for electronic document sharing with parents and students.


Each school can set up specific rules of conduct and discipline through use of a simple, flexible configuration. Conduct issues and associated discipline can then be tracked, scored, communicated to parents, and logged for historic record. Conduct data is then available alongside grades and attendance for school wide reporting and trend analysis.


Through a purpose built real-time portal, school nurses can track, communicate to parents, and review historical record of any student visits to their office for treatment. This information is then available alongside other student data for student, parent, teacher, or administrative reporting and analysis.


Once a group of students graduates from your school they move to an alumni status. All historic records remain available and the school and graduated student can continue to maintain a proactive relationship for years to come.